Smart Facility Monitoring

with Artificial Intelligence Technology.
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What is

INITOR is an AI-powered facility monitoring system that provides your facility’s traditional surveillance cameras (CCTV) with smart monitoring capabilities. It instantly detects persons, objects, and critical events (i.e. emergencies, fights,….etc.) anywhere in the facility, in real-time.

Integrate INITOR into your Facility

Illustration for the integration of INITOR's AI box
01. Hardware integration
Connect your facility’s traditional surveillance cameras (CCTV) to INITOR’s AI Processor to instantly detect critical events, objects and persons using AI technology.
Illustration for the installation of INITOR's smart platform
02. Software setup
Set up INITOR’s Smart Platform to receive alerts, detections, view facility analytics, and more
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Illustration for AI-Powered CCTV cameras, detecting for example: People count, guns and fighting
AI-Powered facility monitoring
Image of a hallway with strips of shades with mint to dark green hues

INITOR Features

People counting
Violence Detection
Emergency Detection
Zone Analytics
Evacuation Verification
Centralized Smart Platform

How INITOR works?

INITOR instantly detects critical events, objects, and persons anywhere in the facility, in real time.

Check the product features section in INITOR's Safety, Security & Retail product pages for the full list of what INITOR can detect.

All detections are instantly sent to INITOR's smart platform, where users can receive alerts, view facility analytics, and more.

INITOR Products

Monitoring Facilities’ Security
Instantly detects:
Unauthorized Access
Wanted Individuals
Lost & stolen items
Commonly used in:
Police stations  |  Airports  |  Prisons  | Ports  |  Government facilities
Learn more
Monitoring Retail Facilities
Instantly detects:
Visitor flow
Missing children
Number of visitors
Lost & stolen items
Gender & Age of visitors
Learn more
Commonly used in:
Duty Free Shops  |  Car Showrooms  | Shopping Malls  |  Retails Chains
Monitoring Facilities’ Safety
Instantly detects:
Falling Down
Spilled Liquids
Misplaced Electrical Cables
PEP (Personal Protective Equipment)
Learn more
Commonly used in:
Factories  |  Laboratories  |  Industrial Facilities


Less facility monitoring staff, thousands of dollars saved.

A centralized platform for facility monitoring

AI-powered Insights and statistics to support decision-making.

Instant detection of critical events (i.e emergencies, violence,…etc.).

Safer Facilities

AI-powers your entire facility in a matter of days

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